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We are a leading search engine marketing company in London. Our search engine optimisation consultants have over 15 years experience helping our clients connect with customers across the search engine meduim. Our expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) creates long-term visibility in all the major search engines with "organic" listings and our pay per click advertising services deliver an accountable approach to driving maximum ROI from your pay per click advertising budget.


Commenting on the current state of SEO, Managing Director Doug Everitt says:-


"There has been a marked increase in awareness in recent years about SEO and the benefits it can bring to a business. It is obvious that a website that is not visible on page 1 of Google will fail to attract many visitors. Indeed, Google has become so good at delivering relevant information that most of us find it unnecessary to search beyond page 1 to find what we're looking for. That fact and the lack of any serious competition these days for Google doesn't make SEO any easier but we continue to deliver meaningful results and 1000's of page 1 Google listings to our clients every day as well as page 1 listings in Yahoo, BING and 100's of other smaller regional and industry specific search engines and directories. All of this adds up to more unique visitors finding clients' websites everyday, more targeted leads, new prospects and ultimately a good return on the client's investment into their web presence."


Doug Everitt Internet Marketing Expert

Doug Everitt is listed as a business IT expert on the DONUT business resources website.


The business was founded in 2000 from a digital printing and media company and has now been working with start-ups, SMEs and large global enterprises for over 16years to add value to their online activities.


WIDE i is often invited to speak at leading business seminars and our Internet marketing experts have also delivered SEO training workshops to Business Link and  content management teams responsible for managing large eCommerce stores.


Accountable:  Our industry leading reports and analytics provide our clients with a detailed picture of search engine positions and enables precise measurement of the contribution to visitor levels and sales conversions. Our proprietry technologies for monitoring and reporting enable our clients to know exactly how much their online presence contributes to their business.


Who we work with:  WIDE i Communication is a search engine marketing company in London driving ROI for clients around the globe and we also work with web designers and eBusiness application developers who choose to outsource search engine marketing services for their clients. We provide search engine marketing services to public and private sector companies across many industries as well as smaller businesses venturing online for the first time.

Organic Search

Our clients' websites occupy some of the most sought after marketing locations in the world. With page 1 listings in all the major search engines including Google, BING and Yahoo, this high visibility across the web results in significant boosts in qualified traffic and increased sales.


Paid Search

WIDE i helps its clients drive down the cost per click and boost their ROI to new levels. Our campaign planning and bid management technology saves our clients considerable time and money in deploying a pay per click campaign by maximising CTR (click thru rate) and conversions while minimising the CPC (cost per click).