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How do you deliver great digital experiences in today's mobile-first, multi-touchpoint, omnichannel world?  The answer is to map customers' journeys against your mobile and web touchpoints, then harness context - full knowledge of a customer's history, preferences, behaviors, and location - to tailor the experience.


Increasingly, organizations are looking at Web Content Management (WCM) solutions in the cloud. Why? Because in the cloud, you can rapidly deploy sites, reach mobile devices, secure against attacks, and scale to meet demand.


A Web Content Management system allows a user to quickly and easily create and update a website online. New or changed pages can be reviewed before making them “live” and visible to visitors. In the past, if you wanted to make even a simple change to your website you would often have to brief your web designer, wait for the work to be carried out, approve the changes and then wait for the updates to be published to your website. This process could take anything from days to weeks and of course added to your costs for maintaining your website.

You don't have to be technically minded to update your web site... with our Content Management System - if you can use Microsoft Word and a web browser - then you can keep your web site up to date and relevant for your visitors.


Our 'keep it simple' approach holds true for the browser based admin tools we provide that mean you can manage your site anywhere you have an internet connection at any time. No need to ask your web developer to try and fit it in for you.



Web Content Managment is not an optional extra for our sites - everything we do is built with content management as standard.


DNN CMS Platform

Our content management package is a robust and scaleable structure that can evolve and expand with your business. Our Content Managed Web Sites are built on the DNN® Platform, formerly known as DotNetNuke® which is an open, extensible, secure, and scalable content management system based on Microsoft .NET technology. It therefore offers incredible flexibilty, scalability and robustness.


DNN® is the most widely adopted framework for building websites and web applications on Microsoft ASP.NET. Using DNN®, we can quickly develop and deploy interactive, dynamic websites, intranets, extranets and other online applications. Through an intuitive, menu-driven interface, even non-technical users can use DNN® to easily create new sites or extend the functionality and features of existing web applications. All in all there's not much we can't do within the DNN® framework.


With hundreds of thousands of deployments around the world, a thriving user community and a huge array of available third-party extensions DNN® is a fantastic way to develop and deploy Internet applications, and also means that there's a wider community out there to support you, if necessary, into the future.


This is a managed website and hosting package that is state of the art, easy to use, secure and cost effective. Anybody who can use Microsoft Word can use this system!


DNN Evoq Web Content Management

Evoq Web Content ManagementAttract visitors with an immersive, interesting site.


ncrease how long those visitors stay, and how satisfied they feel. Engage them, and give them a reason to come back. Turn visitors into customers, partners, or colleagues. Discover your site’s full potential with Evoq™ powered by DNN.


Impress site visitors and streamline web content management.

Your web site is one of your most valuable assets. DNN Evoq™ Content is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) that helps bring your website to life with captivating content and engaging interactions. CMS users can add and edit content through a standard browser with no IT support.


WIDE i Communication have considerable experience building and running DNN content managed websites on our fully managed cloud hosting infrastructure