Google Managed Pay Per Click AdvertisingGoogle AdWords Management Service

Our professionally managed Google AdWords management service delivers a better overall return on your pay per click spend and your advertising budget.

Unlike traditional pay-per-click engines, Google (& more recently BING) bases its ad ranking formula around two values – the cost per click (CPC) and the click-thru rate (CTR). CPC is what you pay every time someone clicks your ad. This fee is set according to the maximum amount that has been agreed for each click and typically reflects the competitiveness of keywords you're bidding on. If no one else is bidding on the same search queries, then your CPC would only be the £0.05 per click minimum fee. The opposite is also true. Popular search queries are more competitive and therefore bid considerably higher. Such competitiveness can substantially increase the CPC it takes to become the top bidder.

Google AdWords Management Service Your CTR indicates the percentage of people who actually click on your ad as compared to the number of people who see your ad. Each time that Google displays your ad is called an impression. If your ad gets 100 impressions and one person clicks, then your CTR is 1%.

Now that an ever-increasing number of advertisers are waking up to the enormous profit potential that AdWords management services offer, competition for top keywords is also heating up. This means that you can forget about running a Google AdWords campaign in stand-by mode.

Immediate Results

Our AdWords Managment Service is the quickest way to get your message across to your customers.

WIDE i  Communication's Adwords management service is guaranteed to produce immediate results. Keywords can be added or removed at anytime allowing the flexibility to change the marketing strategy. Your click-thru fund can be topped up at any time and you can halt your campaign at any time.

Strategy Planning

In order for a Google AdWords campaign to be profitable it requires skillful management and constant monitoring of CPCs and CTRs


WIDE i can set up your campaign and than manage the entire monitoring, billing and bidding procedure for you.

The Google AdWords management service provided by WIDE i draws on expertise and the tools developed for our search engine optimisation program to maximise the online performance of your company, whether your objective is to drive sales of a particular product or gain qualified business leads. These include:


Strategy Planning - Total Bid - Optimisation - Analysis - Tracking and Reporting


Detailed research and analysis in each of these areas allows your company the opportunity of increased coverage in Google and its partners who syndicate AdWords. The fully accountable nature of Google AdWords can drive an increased volume of targeted prospects to your site, regardless of budget size.


Whatever the objective of your company's site, WIDE i can deliver the right visitors cost effectively with our Google certified AdWords management service.



Once we have launched your AdWords campaign, we will manage both activity and results. We constantly monitor your website's positions via the search engines’ interfaces to make sure you are not paying a penny per click more than necessary for the visibility you need.

Campaign Management

AdWords Management Service

1.  We use proven keyword research tools and your existing server logs to identify the most popularly searched keywords used on the Internet by your potential customers:


The more obvious keywords are always expensive to target as there are many more competitors. We make the most of your advertising budget by also targeting many less obvious phrases rather than just bidding on the competitive and expensive keywords alone.


Our ROI tracking system enables us to drop poor performing keywords, spend more on the best performers and include any new ones which might arise.


2.  Once keywords have been researched we will organise your campaign, test your ads so that they’re continually improving and get those ads shown only to the very best buying prospects.


It is important that adverts are well written and composed, even better if a special offer can be promoted. Pay per click adverts are not any different to adverts used in the offline world - they require as much thought to encourage customers to visit your web site. We conduct split A/B testing of different ads so they are continually refined to yield the best quality click-thrus as underperforming ads are dropped. We may also deploy “dynamic” keyword insertion so your ad is worded to match the search term entered. This can sometimes increase effectiveness and click-thru rates.


3. We will set up a number of Categories for your AdWords campaign and make decisions on the level of Syndication (where else your ads appear), Region (you will not pay for clicks in Asia if your market is UK only) and Match type (which combination of keywords trigger your ad – a broad match, phrase match or exact match).


These decisions are crucial to ensure your ad is shown to the right audience at the right time and will increase your ROI. The use of “negative” keywords will ensure your ads are not displayed for untargeted or generic searches and attracting click-thrus from poor prospects or dropped by Google because the CTR is below their minimum.


4.  We provide you with monthly reports.

These reports provide a full breakdown of the individual adverts, keywords used and their cost as a proportion of your monthly budget. You will be able to see what people are searching for most frequently, which adverts are more popular and which make people buy from your web site either directly or at a later date.