Making It Work

Managed Pay Per Click Advertising

To help you achieve your sales and marketing goals, we must be able to execute successful managed pay per click advertising campaigns.

To do so, we must be adept at:

  • Optimising your pay per click campaigns to deliver the best possible results
  • Delivering easy-to-follow, meaningful reports
  • Understanding what's working, what isn't working, and why (aka attribution modeling)
  • Increasing pay per click advertising campaign reach
  • Reducing average cost per click
  • Increasing conversions
  • Reducing cost per acquisition
Optimisation Challenges & Methodology

A Successful Managed Pay Per Click Campaign

A managed pay per click campaign is extremely flexible and are a powerful route to market. Managed pay per click advertising campaigns can be set-up for any sized budget. The total cost of your online marketing will never exceed the daily or monthly budget you have decided upon.


Managing a successful pay per click campaign has now become a time consuming and complex task. Many companies that set-up and run their own pay per click campaigns fail to see a return on their investment. It is therefore essential to ensure that your campaigns are fully optmised to achieve your marketing goals.


A professionally optimised and managed pay per click advertising campaign will ensure your message is displayed only to your target audience when they are looking for your services and products and will generate the maximum return on your pay per click investment by reducing wasted clicks and the cost of acquiring leads and sales.


If you want to stay on budget, you have to track conversions.


What’s a ‘conversion’? It’s any time a visitor to your website takes a desired action. Examples of conversions might be:


  • Visitor makes a purchase
  • Visitor completes a sales enquiry form
  • Visitor downloads a white paper and registers


A conversion doesn’t have to be a sale. But a conversion has to be worth something to you.


Following a detailed discussion with you about your market and objectives, we will set-up your pay per click campaigns and mange the entire monitoring, billing and bidding procedure for you to ensure the maximum return on your PPC budget. We will then integrate your PPC campaigns with Google analytics and set-up conversion tracking based on the goals that we have agreed with you.


If you already have existing pay per click advertising campaigns we will import those into our client account to optimise and manage.

Pay Per Click Campaign Management


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