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Web Design Services London

Responsive Web Design

First impressions count... and the reality is the first contact you are likely to have with a new prospect is when they visit your web site.


So how do you deliver great digital experiences in today's mobile-first, multi-touchpoint, omnichannel world?


The answer is to map customers' journeys against your mobile and web touchpoints, then harness context - full knowledge of a customer's history, preferences, behaviors, and location - to tailor the experience.


Increasingly, organisations are looking at Web Content Management (WCM) solutions in the cloud. Why? Because in the cloud, you can rapidly deploy sites, reach mobile devices, secure against attacks, and scale to meet demand.


There are a number of ways to provide the right creative for your site - how it should look and feel. We'll help guide you to the right solution be it bespoke design or adaption of an existing template, depending on your objectives and budgets.


Most companies already have a logo and design feel so it's not always helpful to ask a designer to re-invent the wheel. We will listen to you and understand your requirements before we make any recommendations.

Our web design services in London create visually compelling websites & eCommerce solutions that mean business!

WIDE i Communication Ltd has the expertise and the experience to deliver outstanding results for your online presence.

Responsive Web Design
WIDE i Communication Ltd develop websites that comply with the latest W3C standards to ensure that your website is cross-browser compatible and will function across all devices. As the use of mobile devices continues to increase, it is essential that your new website will work properly on a desktop, tablet and smart phones.
Who are the W3C?

The W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium and since 1994 the W3C has provided the guidelines by which websites and web pages should be structured and created.

They develop and publish specifications, software, guidelines, and various tools for the Web. To read more about the World Wide Web Consortium, please use the following link:

Our web design services in London can create a powerful and dynamic web presence for your business which works across all devices and is W3C compliant.

Web Design Services London

Benefits of W3C Standards

w3c css w3c




  • Compliance helps ensure accessibility for the disabled.


  • Compliance helps ensure that your website is accessible from a number of devices; from different browsers to the growing number of surfers using PDAs and mobile phones.


  • Compliance will also help ensure that regardless of the browser, resolution, device, etc. that your website will look and function in the same or at least a very similar fashion.


  • Search engine placement can rise


  • Increase income through the web site