Website Promotion - A Simple Overview

What is Website Promotion and Do I Need it?


Website PromotionQ:  Why after considerable expense, time and effort haven’t we had a single enquiry from our web site? We spent money on a website because we believed that it would boost sales and bring in new customers from all over the world. It’s a good website, our products are good quality, our prices are competitive and our customer service will be exemplary – given the chance to prove it.

A:  Because nobody knows you are there!

Q: If that is true, why is it that they can find us if they type in our name or website address?
A:  Because that will only be existing customers and contacts. New customers and contacts don’t know your name because they don't know you exist.

Q: Isn't that what the search engines are for?Website Promotion
A: Yes, but the search engines need to know about you.

Q: Our website explains that we are widget manufacturers and that they are excellent quality and our prices are competitive. Surely that should be enough to tempt them?
A: Not really - your competitors’ websites say that too.

Q: So are they getting my business?
A: Only if they are getting their websites to the top of the search engines. How many sites would you visit if you were searching? Say, your customer searches for widgets and including your company, there are 30,654 companies selling good quality, competitively priced widgets. They look at the first few sites, compare prices and buy the widgets. They don’t look at all 30,654 companies, where is your company in the listing? Number 30,654? Or is it there at all? In fact over 80% of people find what they are looking for on the first page of the search results.

Q: So I need to be at the top of the search engines. How do I go about that? Maybe I should pay for the privilege of being at the top?
A: You cannot pay to be at the top of the "organic" search results.

Q: I was offered a bulk submission service that was reasonably priced - is that worth a try?
A: Bulk submission may mean getting indexed by many minority search engines that nobody has ever heard of but it does not mean your web site is anywhere near the top. It definitely won’t ensure that you are getting to the top of Yahoo, Google, AOL, BING etc. So bulk submission isn’t going to help - you need to be visible where your customers are looking, at the top of the major search engines that account for over 90% of visitors to websites..

Q: So what’s the answer, how do the search engines find websites?
A: Website promotion - the search engines look at the content and coding in your site to determine how relevant your site is to the searches being made. They grade the sites on this information and rank the most relevant sites nearer to the top of their search results.

Q: So if I repeat the word widget loads of times then I will get to the top?
A: No, because they can see through that, they call it ‘spamming’. They have rules and if you break them your site  could be penalised. Website promotion is a job that takes a great deal of knowledge and expertise. Very basically, you need to know which words and phrases your customers are searching for and you need to get them in the right places at the right time, within the text and coding.

Q: Coding?
A: Behind the scenes stuff. The bits that your visitors don't see but the search engines are looking for. If the coding is not right the search engines cannot find their way around your website and will not be able to index any pages.

Q: So how do I get it to the top?
A: Well, we do, but you can try yourself if you like.
Basically, first your site needs cleaning up. You need a site that is easy for the search spiders to navigate through. If it takes ages for your pages to download your customers will get bored and go to another site. We won’t change what you and your customers see, it will still look like the same web-site. Then your site needs carfully chosen keywords and coding added, to make it search engine friendly and prominent. There will often be coding that search engines don't like that can be removed. We also use technology which makes sure that your competitors can’t find out how you got a better position than they did.

Q: Can you explain what you are going to do in more technical terms?
A: Sure, find out more about our Search Engine Optimisation Consultants